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Chiara Tondini

Chiara Tondini works as International Arbitration and Mediation Counsel at SLCG (Florence, Rome, Milan, Paris) and as International Disputes counsel at MDisputes. Before that, Chiara was the founder and manager of the Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC) and among the founders of the Florence International Dispute Resolution Academy (FIDRA), where she worked as Didactic Director. Chiara has over 11 years of experience in organizing and supporting domestic and international mediation procedures, and as tribunal secretary in Italian domestic arbitration, and 18 years of experience with the Florence Chamber of Commerce. She is experienced in drafting mediation and arbitration rules, codes of conduct and mediators and arbitrators appointment mechanisms. She serves as advisor for international organizations in the establishment of international mediation services. She develops mediation and arbitration training programs and intervenes at conferences on ADR topics.