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IDRA stems from the experience of the Florence Chamber of Commerce in managing alternative dispute resolution, and is promoted by its special agency PromoFirenze together with Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC), i.e. the international mediation service provided by the Chamber.

Reasons for improving interpersonal skills in dealing with international partners and competitors.

The global market offers significant growth opportunities. However, potential pitfalls must be taken into account. A dispute with a foreign partner and the ensuing termination of the commercial relationship, as well as an unwitting approach to the legislation and institutions of the country in which you intend to make investments, may be detrimental not only from an economic standpoint, but also in terms of lost opportunities and business chances.

Academy for professionals, managers and lawyers in the field of international business relations.

For this reason, acquaintance with local legislation, conscious contract management, as well as knowledge of alternative instruments for resolving international disputes, such as mediation and arbitration, become crucial in the selection and protection of your investments.

Each initiative launched by FIDRA foresees the availability of both academic and professional skills to deliver the most up-to-date content in terms of research and experience. This allows all participants to take advantage of high-level content that can be applied immediately and effectively to their business.


Florence Chamber of Commerce


Committed all along to spreading the culture of alternative dispute resolution instruments and making the related services available to businesses.

FIMC, founded in 2015 , stems from the Chamber’s decades of experience in the field of conciliation and arbitration. As of today, besides FIMC, the Chamber manages the Florence Arbitration Chamber, promoted together with the Association of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, the Board of Notaries for the Combined Districts of Florence, Prato and Pistoia, and the Conciliation Service, that is, the Conciliation Organism registered under No. 4 of the list of Conciliation Organisms kept by the Ministry of Justice.


Leonardo Bassilichi

“International markets: the main development prospect for our companies; a conscious approach to commercial relations with foreign countries is essential to ensure good business performance”

Segretario Generale

Giuseppe Salvini

“FIDRA" is an educational and professional updating instrument made available to the economic system, in continuation with the Florentine tradition of opening up to international trade and in line with our commitment to supporting businesses”.


Scientific Committee


Chiann Bao

Independent Arbitrator, Arbitration Chambers, Comitato scientifico FIDRA


Mario Curia

Chairman and CEO of Mandragora S.r.l., FIDRA scientific committee


Annette Magnusson

Co-Founder, Climate Change Counsel, Sweden, Comitato scientifico FIDRA


Michael McIlwrath

CEO, MDisputes, Chair, ICC Governing Body for Dispute Resolution Services, former Vice President – Litigation, Baker Hughes Company, FIDRA Scientific Committee Member


Attila Tanzi

Ordinario di diritto internazionale presso l’Università di Bologna – Alma Mater Studiorum; Associate Member – 3VB Chambers, London (UK), Comitato scientifico FIDRA


Chiara Tondini

Counsel at SLCG, International Disputes Counsel at MDisputes, Comitato scientifico FIDRA




Laura Tettamanti

Organizational secretariat

FIDRA- Francesco Pannocchia

Francesco Pannocchia

Organizational manager


Florence International
Dispute Resolution Academy